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Stargazing ….


If you watch the stars, are you an astronomer or an astrologer? Although these words look similar, they offer different paths:  astronomy is the study of our skies, while astrology is the study of the effect of our skies on human beings.

Today, astronomy is respected as a hard science, a professional discipline linked to astrophysics, well documented and with proven theories which is subject to peer scrutiny while astrology is disrespected as a superstition that cannot be proved with empirical data.  Yet from the Sumerian priests in ancient Mesopotamia around 3500 BC up to recent times, the two studies were intertwined. As well as looking for omens and portents of the future from the stars, the Sumerian priests would also record the movements of the stars themselves.

Nearly every culture identified celestial movement with an effect on our earth, such as weather, seasons and tides. Ancient structures with celestial alignment were more than calendars; they were religious markers of importance to the agricultural society when a successful harvest depended on planting at the right time of the year.

For your entertainment, here are different beliefs for you to consider so you may decide if any fits with your personal opinions about your own personality and life path … and like any good retailer, this comes with the disclaimer: All care but no responsibility taken. If you have any information that you can give me to add to my research and further develop these webpages, I’d love to hear from you.