Full Moon

11 November 2011


To use lunar phase energy wisely just follow this simple rule.

  • To draw something to you or to increase, work any time between three days after the dark moon to the full moon, with the full moon being the best.
  • To send something away from you or to decrease, work anytime between three days after the full moon to the dark moon, with the day of the new moon being the best.


sun behind clouds

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A simple protection spell



If you want to protect your home and family from negative energy, make a decorative hanging for outside your front door, using three pine cones. Be as creative as you like, using crystals, shells, stones and decorative objects and as you work, think about your home and the love within as well as those you want to protect.

Regularly bless your hanging by smudging it, and as the pine cones blow in the wind, they will protect you from ill wishes.