Full Moon

11 November 2011


To use lunar phase energy wisely just follow this simple rule.

  • To draw something to you or to increase, work any time between three days after the dark moon to the full moon, with the full moon being the best.
  • To send something away from you or to decrease, work anytime between three days after the full moon to the dark moon, with the day of the new moon being the best.


sun behind clouds

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simple prosperity spells using kitchen items



A simple spell for prosperity asks parsley for protection: just put a piece of parsley or dried lettuce in your wallet.  As you do, recite this incantation nine times:

Less goes out than goes in,

(Her) magic here begins,

Prosperity within remains and grows,

To ease my cash flow woes.

If possible, repeat the incantation each time you open your wallet.



Never cut your bread or you will cut off your abundance: gently tear it instead. Gypsies say that carrying a small piece of bread in our pockets acts as an amulet against poverty. To reinforce this even further, put your hands over the bread to bless it, saying:

From the Earth’s bounty, I receive and welcome the energy of abundance.

Eat half of the bread, then wrap the rest in a scrap of white cloth or a napkin, and put it in your pocket. If the bread ever crumbles, give it to the land as an offering, then make a new amulet. The breaking disperses the energy, and the birds who eat your bread will carry your wishes on their wings.