Full Moon 11:11:11



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The Art of Timing:

Moon twirling



Energy: Fullness of expression. Everything is revealed, if you ask.

The Full Moon is a good time to show gratitude, to feast with friends, to clean your crystals, to make moonwater, to renew yourself, to heal by moon twirling, to build your psychic sensitivity. This beautiful moon offers a good energy to transform your life.


If you have been in poor health, moon twirling is a way you can connect with the lunar energy to help your body heal itself. Like any work involving energy, first you need to prepare yourself. If you are used to working with energy this may involve no more than setting your intention. If you are a newbie, you may like to cleanse yourself first with a ritual shower or bath, dress yourself in what you feel will help you best connect with the lunar energy, and clear your path mentally by thinking about what you intend to do, what thoughts or feelings you don't need to take into your sacred space which will hinder your growth. You do what you need to do to prepare yourself mentally to ask for and receive the help you need.

When you feel ready, go stand in the moonlight, where you can see and feel the moon's energy.

Raise your arms and your eyes to the moon, and thank her for her beauty and her blessings.

Be still and feel the energy.

When and if you feel the need, move according to your feelings. For example, you may feel that you want to do a complete turn to the left, followed by two turns to the right. Or you may feel like dancing. Or you may feel like standing completely still, letting the moonlight wash over you. Whatever you feel at that time, is what is right for that time, for you.

When you are finished, face the moon again. Raise your arms and your eyes and thank her. Bow to her, then leave knowing that you have listened to your body and have acknowledged on a deep level what you need to do to heal.

Bright blessings