New Moon

October 2011

Waxing Quarter Moon

November 2011

Waxing Gibbous Moon

November 2011

Full Moon 11:11:11

Waning Gibbous Moon

November 2011


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The Art of Timing:

Look up to the skies and See


There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.



You can plan events and care for your health, home and garden by using lunar energy wisely and working with the lunar phases and positions of the moon, sun and planets. We might not be consciously aware of how lunar energy works, but following the lunar calendar can help us to choose the right time to act.



Energy: Stillness, dormant, time to look within and clear the path.

The dark of the moon is a powerful time to go inside, to examine our unconscious and to look at our shadow selves. This time of endings also offers a new beginning; a beneficial time to cleanse your home & your environment, to release spent energy and welcome the new.



Energy: Birth, new feelings, new paths.

Use the energy of the Dark Moon to clear the way before you call in New Moon wishes.



First Quarter energy : New ideas take shape and establish themselves.

Waxing Gibbous: Creativity, modification and refinement of ideas and plans.

Waxing simply means growing, and this time between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a grand time for growing projects: spells and rituals designed to increase abundance, health, love—If you have been in poor health, this is the time to work to increase your vitality, your ability to fight disease or to recover lost energy.



Energy: Fullness of expression. Everything is revealed, if you ask.

The Full Moon is a good time to show gratitude, to feast with friends, to clean your crystals, to make moonwater, to renew yourself, to heal by moon twirling, to build your psychic sensitivity. This beautiful moon offers a good energy to transform your life.



Waning Gibbous energy : Harvest, culmination, sharing.

Last Quarter Moon : Endings. Grievings and goodbyes. Losing what is no longer useful. Time to think and take stock.

The time between the Full Moon and the Dark Moon is good for work to diminish, i.e. to lose bad habits, to decrease the size of a tumour, to bind another from doing harm. You can use the energy of the waning moon to release negative energy with a simple candle spell..