Full Moon


The Art of Timing:



You can create a healthier life by scheduling your life events according to the moon’s energy.


Dark Moon

Rest and relax. Good time to go within and meditate, to take some “me” time and refresh ourselves.


Waxing Moon

This is a good time to cultivate, consolidate and regenerate because everything we put in is digested more quickly at this time. Like plants, our bodies absorb and retain moisture, nutrients and information during a waxing moon. Unfortunately, this also means that if you struggle with weight gain, during this time you need to be careful about everything you eat and drink.

If you have sensitive feet, buy your shoes when the moon is waxing in Pisces. Your feet will be extra sensitive now so you can be sure of buying shoes that fit properly and are comfortable.

Try to schedule medical treatments during this time, your body will recover more quickly.

If you want lush regrowth, time your haircuts for when the moon is waxing in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). This also works for cutting lawns and pruning for good regrowth.


Full Moon

Avoid surgery if you can. Blood flows quickly and doesn’t clot easily. If you want your hair to grow back full and thick, schedule a haircut for this time. The full moon can exaggerate reactions, so you may become intoxicated faster, or if you are feeling argumentative be aware your anger can escalate quickly at this time.


Waning Moon

Our body cells release moisture and toxins.  The good news is that you won’t put on weight as easily because your efforts to release and let go are more successful now. Cleansing, detoxification, facials, lymphatic drainage will turn out well now.

This is a good time to remove any growths such as tumours, warts or sun spots as there will be fewer complications and less scarring.

If you want to remove unwanted hair and discourage quick regrowth pluck your eyebrows now, get a haircut or use depilatories if you want slow regrowth, schedule hair dyes or dental work for good results.

The waning moon is a good time to begin new health regimes, especially if they involve detaching such as losing weight, getting rid of physical or emotional confusion or giving up addictions like smoking, sex or chocolate.


Void-of-course or Void Moons

Be gentle with yourself. Take things slowly. Recharge your energies and clean up. Avoid scheduling important meetings or decision-making activities because you may feel spacey and find it hard to concentrate or to pay close attention to details that may affect the outcome.