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Celebrating full moon



The Gaelic word for fortune comes from that which denotes a Full Moon.  The Druids believe that when the circle of the Moon is complete, good fortune was given to those who knew how to ask for it.

This lovely moon lasts for three days and the exact point of transition from waxing to waning is shown on lunar calendars, for those who wish to work powerful magic at this time. 

This is the time of the Mother, when the moon reaches her full power.  Her energy is potent and will help to boost any effort and is especially beneficial for complicated workings or difficult situations.

Traditionally this is the time when the Goddess grants wishes to her followers, so the monthly meeting of a coven, called an Esbat, takes place at the time of the Full Moon.  The word Esbat probably comes from the Old French s’esbattre, meaning to frolic and amuse oneself.

The Full Moon is a good time to acknowledge blessings received, for feasting and celebrations, for giving your crystals and jewellery a moon-bath, to renew your protections, or to drink down the Moon to increase your psychic sensitivity. If a baby is born on the Full Moon, he or she will have a lucky life.

If you have a wart you want to remove, find a tree of power (preferably an Ash tree), and go there under a Full Moon.  Rub the wart against the bark of the tree and say: Tree of Power, Tree of Power, Pray buy this wart of me.  Make sure you leave a gift for the tree, such as a little ginger or milk at the base of the tree.

And if you grow mushrooms, remember When the Moon is at the full, mushrooms you can safely pull, but when the Moon is on the wane, wait ere you think to pluck again.


Ritual to Drink Down the Moon


When the moon is full and the night is clear, you may increase your psychic sensitivity with the power of the Moon.  First, cleanse and dress yourself.  To cleanse, you may like to take a bath to which you have added salt and appropriate oils (jasmine, gardenia or other flowers that smell sweet and bloom at night are appropriate for the Full Moon).  Put on clean clothes from the skin out, or wear a robe. You’ll need a silver chalice, or a deep bowl, and pure water.

Go to a place where you can see the Moon.  Offer the chalice and the water to the Moon.  Fill the chalice with the pure water.  Place the chalice so you can see the Moon reflected in the water.  Focus on the Moon in the water until it fills the bowl of the chalice.  At this point, hold the chalice up to the Moon and say:

Lady Moon

Lady Moon

Grant me my wish

As I drink down your image

Held in this dish

Lady Moon

Lady Moon

Let me share your power

Help me grow stronger

Hour by hour.

Drink the water in the chalice immediately.

Know that you have been allowed to share the Moon’s power. Feel Her knowledge and power beginning to work in and through you.

This version is from Cassandra Carter’s “Every Day Magic”



Athough Esbats and Sabbats are all frolics, they are different celebrations.


Esbats celebrate the full psychic power at the Full Moon.

A Sabbat is the general name for any one of the eight major festivals celebrated in old times.  Sometimes these festivals are referred to as the Greater Sabbats (Samhainn, Imbolc, Beltaine, Lammas) and the Lesser Sabbats (the equinoxes and solstices).