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Talk to your market e-asily


Everyone knows that it is cheaper to get repeat business from your current clients than it is to find a new market, so it makes sound economic sense to keep your current clients by staying in touch regularly.

Whether you are a service organisation like a trade union or a chamber of commerce staying in touch with members, a registered charity looking to receive regular donations or a business competing in today’s global marketplace, e-newsletters can be your hardest-working marketing tool.

E-newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your market quickly and cheaply. Your production costs are minimal and e-newsletters can easily be despatched in your business downtime.

All you need to do is collect an electronic address from your current client base and to make sure that your e-newsletter is both pertinent to your clients and interesting enough to be welcome.

One useful hint is to keep your banner simple: if you send out a regular e-newsletter, no-one wants to see the same old, same old, week after week. Keep it short, and keep it interesting.

E-newsletters can be one of your best marketing tools if you always keep in mind that famous Ogilvyism: No-one was ever bored into buying a product.

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A quick checklist

If you want your e-newsletter to be read make it easy to read.

The easiest way to do this is to follow the example set by print newspapers and magazines.

Even though they are a print medium and we are electronic, they’ve been spending $$$ for decades on learning how to increase readership, so we may as well make use of their research.

Use photos lavishly

A picture is not only worth a thousand words, it gets people interested and they may read further.

That’s why mainstream newspapers and magazines always have interesting pictures up front.

This should work double for e-newsletters, as they are such a visual medium. You can even use video footage.

Keep it short

Busy people read in grabs.

If newspapers have a long story, they break it up by putting the most interesting bit on the front page, then providing a link to where the story continues on an inside page.  

This works well for electronic media because you have the facility on e-newsletters to link through to the whole story/more photos which also works as a hook to get consumers to visit your webpage.

Write yourself a marketing strategy for your newsletter

Actually list basics like target market, tone of voice, residual message for consumers, and make sure you refer back to this brief when editing every item in your newsletter to check if you can refine your story to highlight any of your marketing targets.

Email is such a friendly medium that sometimes we forget that it is one of our most valuable marketing tools.

Make it colourful

and fun

Always remember what corporate message you want your consumers to remember from your series of newsletters, but if you can leave them laughing – or at least wanting more – you’ll increase readership for your next newsletter.