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Ritual to Drink Down the Moon


When the moon is full and the night is clear, you may increase your psychic sensitivity with the power of the Moon.  First, cleanse and dress yourself.  To cleanse, you may like to take a bath to which you have added salt and appropriate oils (jasmine, gardenia or other flowers that smell sweet and bloom at night are appropriate for the Full Moon).  Put on clean clothes from the skin out, or wear a robe. You’ll need a silver chalice, or a deep bowl, and pure water.

Go to a place where you can see the Moon.  Offer the chalice and the water to the Moon.  Fill the chalice with the pure water.  Place the chalice so you can see the Moon reflected in the water.  Focus on the Moon in the water until it fills the bowl of the chalice.  At this point, hold the chalice up to the Moon and say:

Lady Moon

Lady Moon

Grant me my wish

As I drink down your image

Held in this dish

Lady Moon

Lady Moon

Let me share your power

Help me grow stronger

Hour by hour.

Drink the water in the chalice immediately.

Know that you have been allowed to share the Moon’s power. Feel Her knowledge and power beginning to work in and through you.

This version is from Cassandra Carter’s book “Every Day Magic” which is a very useful textbook to have to hand.


A Full Moon Chant to let go

Whilst walking Under the moon chant these words

I walk under the Moon and let go of the past,

I walk under the Moon to be free,

I walk under the Moon to put love in my heart,

As I will it, So Mote it be Blessed Be

From Dark Horse Woman