Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (your intellect)


May I always remember my inner strengths and know that I am worthy, I am good, and I am here. Let me speak my truth fearlessly.

(c) This image for cockatoo was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Cockatoo screeches to wake us up to all the joy and colour in our lives. Life is good; you have good friends and know deep inside that you are your own best friend. You are comfortable with yourself, but may be called today to boost the self-esteem of another and to share the wisdom of the joys that you possess. Cockatoo adults feed each other as a courtship ritual and remind us to “feed” those we are close to. Is one person doing all the work in a relationship? Do you need to balance energy more evenly or to tell those closest to you just how much you value them?

Cockatoo reminds us to speak up, to communicate with our body language as well as our voice. The cockatoo crest signals other birds in the flock, to call to a mate, show defence or warning of danger. The cockatoo language is complex and helps us to look beneath, to understand and interpret messages that come to us from any source.

The main cockatoo message is of self-esteem and confidence, spontaneity and fearlessness. The white cockatoo helps us remain pure to our mission, while the black cockatoo helps us understand the mysteries of the other world.

Cockatoos are intelligent, ingenious, inquisitive and affectionate, and adults mate for life. These social birds enjoy companionship of their chosen friends but are very aware of their surroundings and have mastered the art of survival in an ever changing world. Cockatoos are great teachers, always aware of the needs of the student. You never know what a cockatoo will do next, or what hidden skill a cockatoo will suddenly reveal to complete its chosen task.