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Our reading list

Andrews, Ted, Animal-Speak

Andrews, Ted, Animal-Wise

Armstrong, Karen “Buddha”

Douglas G Arner, Douglas G “Perception, Reason & Knowledge”

Bryant, Page, The Aquarian Guide to Native American Mythology

Carr-Gomm, Philip and Stephanie, The Druid Animal Oracle

Campbell, Joseph, “Oriental Mythology: The Masks of God”

Cialdini, Robert B, “Influence: Science and Practice”

Conway, DJ “Advanced Celtic Shamanism”

Conway, DJ, “By Oak, Ash & Thorn, modern Celtic shamanism”

Conway, DJ, Animal Magick,

de Bono, Edward “How to have a beautiful mind”

Denning & Phillips, “Creative Visualisation”

Estes, Clarisa Pinkola, Ph.D., “Women who run with the wolves”

Feng, Gia-Fu & English, Jane “Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching”

Grimshaw, P, Lake, M, McGrath, A, Quartly, M, Creating a Nation

Hart, Carrie & Quado

Hay, Louise “The Power is within you”

Hay, Louise “Life!”

Hay, Louise “You can heal your life”

Hoff, Benjamin, “The Tao of Pooh”

Hoff, Benjamin, “The Te of Piglet”

Hollingdale, RJ “Western Philosophy”

Jampolsky, Gerald G MD, “Out of the darkness into the light”

Johnson, Kenneth, Jaguar Wisdom

Kerr, Gilliam and Bloomfield, Yvonne “Modern ailments, ancient remedies”

Khalsa, Gururattan K. Ph.D., “Transitions to a Heart Centered World”

King, Scott Alexander “Animal Dreaming”

Kingston, Karen “Clear your clutter with Feng Shui”

Kingston, Karen “Creating sacred space with Feng Shui”

Kohen, JL and Lampert R, "Hunters and Fishers in the Sydney Region"

Lin, Denise “Pocketful of Dreams”

Lin, Denise “Secrets & Mysteries”

Matthews, Caitlin & John, Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom

May D, "Continuity and Change”

McCray, Ron TurtleWheel

Nahmad, Claire, Magical Animals

Norwood, Robin “Why me, why this, why now”

Queensland Office of Women's Policy, “Women Reconcile”, 2000

Pearson, Carol S “The Hero Within”

Peters, Roberta “Elementary I Ching”

Price, John Randolph “Empowerment

”Powers, Melvin “Self Hypnosis”

Redfield, James “The Celestine Prophecy”

Redfield, James “The Tenth Insight”

Redfield, James “The Celestine Vision”

Reid, Daniel “Guarding the Three Treasures, the Chinese Way of Health”

Reynolds H, "Fringe Dwellers", With the White People

Reynolds H, "Resistance: Motives and Objectives": The Other Side of the Frontier: Aboriginal Resistance to the European Invasion of Australia

Riso, Don Richard “Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for self discovery”

Rossbach, Sarah “Feng Shui”Ruiz,

Don Miguel “The Four Agreements”

Rutley, Daniel

Sams, Jamie & Carson, David, “Medicine Cards”

Slade, Paddy, “Natural Magic”

Slater, Peter, Pat & Raoul, “The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds”

Sullivan RJ and May D, “Australia: A Thematic History II”

Sun Bear and Wabun, “The Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology”

Stein, Diane “The Kwan Yin: Book of Changes”

Stein, Diane “The Women’s Book of Healing”

Tolle, Eckhart “Stillness Speaks”

Tolle, Eckhart “The Power of Now”

Tolle, Eckhart “A New Earth”

Walsch, Neale Donald “Conversations with God”

Wilde, Stuart “Infinite Self”

Watts, Alan W “The Way of Zen”

Williamson, Marianne “A Return to Love”

Williamson, Marianne “A Woman’s Worth”

Wilson, Donald G PhD. Ms., “To enter Aquarius”

Wing, R.L. “The Illustrated I Ching”