Full Moon

11 November 2011


To use lunar energy just use your common sense: when the moon is growing, work for growth. When the moon is waning, work to decrease.

  • To draw something to you or to increase, work any time from the new moon to the full moonn.
  • To send something away from you or to decrease, work anytime after the full moon to the dark moon.



sun behind clouds

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Spell to ask for guidance


In her book Every Day Magic, Cassandra Carter gives a spell to ask for guidance: 

Light a yellow candle and say: Powers of Air, guide me to the right person or course to ease my troubled mind.  

Light a red candle and say: Powers of Fire, give me the courage and will to pursue my chosen path.  

Light a blue candle and say: Powers of Water, soothe my troubled heart and wash away all tears and fears from me. Help me to be open to my ability to flow and change.  

Light a green candle and say: Powers of Earth, uphold and sustain me, give me steadfastness in my quest for self-knowledge.  

Light a white or violet candle and say: Power of Spirit, I place my trust in you and in my own inner knowing to bring me to safe harbour.

Draw the power of each element into your aura and say: Fiat, fiat, fiat – so be it.


If it is possible to do safely, leave the candles to burn out. If this isn’t possible, light the candles for ten to thirty minutes every day, depending on how long you have available to sit with them. Repeat until they are burnt out.