This original painting by Linda Karen Godden illustrates our Australian earth, showing the energy of the waterholes and the leylines that intersect our land. In the foreground, the Aboriginal and Celtic snakes coil together in a healing circle to highlight the importance of the snake in high magic and healing and the snake’s ability to change, to reconcile and to restore. Circles of Life is a collaboration by Linda Karen Godden and Sue Bagust and has been a work in progress since 1997.


About our beliefs

People change, and the creatures of the land change, but the land remains constant to be honoured by its people. This belief is central to both Aboriginal and Celtic peoples.

As well as honouring their land, both nations acknowledged earth powerlines or leylines, developed a strong culture which accepted men’s and women’s business as separate crafts or magics, and dreamed stories of heroes and quests that were passed down to the children in an oral tradition. Both nations respected the land and looked to the animals of their land for instruction and guidance. Both nations became a dispossessed people and the peoples of both nations were then categorised as incapable of determining their own future. The children of both nations are today’s Australians, sharing an ancient land.

For our deck which incorporates the Aboriginal and the Celtic, we carefully chose uniquely Australian creatures to focus on part of our beliefs, then we found that other animals had chosen to be part of this Oracle. To understand how this could happen, you will need to look at this from the animal’s point of view: It is not a matter of you choosing the animal that you think suits your life or the decor of your home. It is rather the animal that chooses you, that is kind enough and generous enough to give its time to share a knowledge with you that you need to know, at this time in your life. 

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