Element: Earth


Hands (the physical body)

Ask Woylie for help

to walk your talk:

Let me honour and appreciate my home and my family and friends. When I have a younger or less knowledgeable person following me, let me set clear boundaries so they know my rules and honour my life and my choices.

(c) This image of a woylie was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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The Woylie or brush-tailed bettong is pretty cat-sized marsupial with a crest to its long tail. It hops along with its head held low and its tail held straight out behind and is found in dense undergrowth, mainly in Western Australia.

The Woylie is a real homebody and daylight hours are spent in a nest. At night the Woylie goes out looking for insects, fungi, bulbs and seeds to eat.

A baby will be carried in its mother’s pouch for around three months, and then follows its mother around on her food gathering expeditions and shares her nest during the day.

Woylies build their nests from grass and bark in dense undergrowth. They carry their building materials back to their chosen home site balanced on their strong tail. The first lesson of Woylie is to honour your home and your choices. Just as Woylie carries building materials balanced on their tail, so your choices are unique to you and work for you in your environment.

You are being encouraged now to spend more time at home with your chosen family, rather than out exploring or adventuring at this time. Even if, in the past, you haven’t been very interested in building a home, you will find yourself becoming more interested in nest-building and making yourself a comfortable home during this time. Be aware that what is comfortable for others may not suit your life, and follow your own path like Woylie does.

You may also find, like the female Woylie, that you have either a younger person following you at this time, or someone who wants to become your apprentice or for you to act as their mentor. If you accept this role, just be sure that they understand whatever rules you care to set, so you can protect your own space and possessions.