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The Art of Timing:



These Moon Magics workshops are a gentle introduction to the phases of the Moon as well as lunar correspondences so we look at the basics like void-of-course moons and good gardening and fishing times, as well as more advanced energy work such as candle spells, rituals and meditations that are appropriate for each phase of the moon.


GOOD NEWS: Life was meant to be easier!

The only trouble is that somewhere along the way we humans forgot how to live in tune with nature and with our true selves and how to work in time with natural cycles. Through these workshops, we can rediscover this ancient knowledge and work with it today to make our lives easier.

Have you noticed that your daily needs like body care, gardening, housekeeping have different outcomes at different times?  Like when you got a really, really good haircut: one where your hair not only looked good at the time, but also kept on looking good, growing back lush and thick? Chances are you got your haircut during a waxing moon, when the moon was in a fertile or semi-fertile sign. Or have you ever waxed to remove unwanted hair, and magically found that the hair grew back very, very slowly. Chances are you booked your wax during a waning moon.

Ever had a day when nothing goes right, when you feel spacey and unable to concentrate? Your lunar calendar will tell you when the moon is void-of-course, so you can avoid scheduling an important meeting when you won’t be at your peak mentally.

When you work with the moon’s energy, you can use your energy more effectively by working with rather than against the natural momentum of our world. You can garden fruitfully by planting and harvesting at just the right time, just as you can plan successful fishing trips by the position of the moon. If you are a healer, you may find that working with the moon’s energy will increase your abilities. Best of all, you can work for your inner growth and use the moon’s energy to enhance your spiritual development.

A good lunar calendar will help you to observe and to choose the right time to act and when you know how, reading a lunar calendar becomes easy. You can plan your life, choosing to schedule events and care for your spiritual, emotional and physical health at the optimum time for success – and that certainly makes for an easier life!


Choose the workshop that best suits your group


One night with the moon

A two-hour presentation working with the lunar calendar, including hands-on energy work utilising meditations, candle spells, or appropriate rituals for that night and for that group. The type of work will depend on the phase of the moon and will involve some outside work with the moon herself.


One month with the moon

Four ninety-minute energy workshops delivered over four weeks, each workshop focuses on a different phase of moon energy and shows how to work hands-on with that energy:


The time between the Full Moon and the Dark Moon is good for work to diminish, i.e. to lose bad habits, to decrease the size of a tumour, to bind another from doing harm. You can use the energy of the waning moon to release negative energy with a simple candle spell.


The dark of the moon is a powerful time to go inside, to examine our unconscious and to look at our shadow selves. This time of endings also offers a new beginning; a beneficial time to cleanse your home & your environment, to release spent energy and welcome the new. Use this energy to clear the way before you learn how to focus by calling in New Moon wishes.


Waxing simply means growing, and this time between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a grand time for growing projects: spells and rituals designed to increase abundance, health, love—If you have been in poor health, this is the time to work to increase your vitality, your ability to fight disease or to recover lost energy. 


The Full Moon is a good time to show gratitude, to feast with friends, to clean your crystals, to renew yourself, to build your psychic sensitivity by drinking down the moon. This beautiful moon offers a good energy to transform your life through meditation.