Look up to the skies and see ....  


TINNE, or the Holly tree, governs the time between 8 July [an t-Iuchar] and 4 August [an Lunasdal]. 

The Element for people born in Tinne is Fire. Their planet of influence is Earth.  The traditional Zodiac association for this birthday is Cancer or Leo.  Their personality opposites are Determined/Insensitive. The Tarot equivalent is The Chariot. The animal symbol for those born in Holly is the Unicorn. 

The unicorn is perfection, promising both purity and strength.  Hollies should learn not to demand perfection of themselves, or they may lose both direction and confidence.

The Holly personality is logical, cautious and efficient.  Although they have good business sense, Hollies would rather follow than lead.  They are practical and steadfast in life, as well as being protective and supportive of those they care most about.  They can also be possessive.

Those born under this sign have a strong connection with the Earth and possess amazing physical strength. Your matter-of-fact solidness and generous spirit are respected and admired by others.