Tasmanian Devil (c) Linda Karen Godden

Element: Earth


Hands (the physical body)

Ask the Tasmanian Devil for help

with standing your ground:

Let me speak my truth and stand my ground boldly when I am challenged. I know that if I am assertive enough early in a challenge, I may not even need to fight later.


(c) This image of a Tasmanian devil was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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While the Tasmanian Devil may look like your worst nightmare, it really isn’t that aggressive - just so long as it gets its own way. The Devil isn’t a true hunter but rather a scavenger, but with its powerful jaws and sharp teeth you really don’t want to get into an argument with one.

Female Devils are usually smaller than the males and give birth to three or four babies in April. These develop in the pouch for about four months, and are then fed by their mother for another four months.

A number of Devils may gather at a roadkill and although they will threaten each other with open jaws and much loud growling and yelling, they usually don’t have to actually fight. The noise is to establish the hierarchy and once they know who the boss Devil is and who gets the tastiest bits then they settle down to feed together.

Although you are facing a situation where you need to stand your ground, you may not actually need to fight - just as long as you display enough aggression and courage and willingness to fight like the Devil. This isn’t a situation for peaceful agreement, for cooperation, or even for looking for that famed assertiveness-trained win/win situation.

You may have to get angry.

You may have to show your teeth.

You may have to stamp your feet.

You may even have to look as though you’re ready to fight, but if you do so aggressively enough you may be able to bluff your way through to the outcome you most desire.