Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (your intellect)

Affirmation: I exist. I smile. I learn the simple joys of life, of sunshine and happiness, of family and friends, and of enjoying life in the moment.

(c) This image of a sun was created by Linda Karen Godden and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Sunbirds feed on nectar, insects and spiders and will build their long hanging nests wherever they feel is a safe spot to raise their family of two to three eggs. Normally they reside in rainforest, mangroves, river flats and gardens in north-eastern Queensland, from Cape York to Gladstone. Because of their iridescent feathers male sunbirds especially shine and shimmer in the sun, and bring sunshine and beauty into our lives. Without sunshine, life on this planet wouldn't survive, and the tiny sunbird reminds us of this, to go back to basics, to remember what is important and to always remember to bring joy and light into our lives.

Also, because they are nectar eaters, they remind us to go back to basics again, to the plant kingdom, and to learn and use plants wisely. With sunbird energy, you will be able to easily understand and assimilate the knowledge of flowers and plants and how to use their medicine wisely. Thirdly, sunbirds are adaptable. They are pragmatic survivors who can build a nest anywhere that is comfortable for them. I've seen a sunbird take over a rural telephone box, because that was the most comfortable and best protected position from weather and hawks. I've also had a sunbird build her nest in my outside laundry, and I walked very carefully around her so as not to disturb her when I did my washing. She knew I was there and we shared the space peaceably when I did my laundry and for the rest of the time the room was hers and she knew it. 

Lastly, sunbirds bring joy with them - much like hummingbirds. I defy anyone not to smile when they see that tiny, shimmering little aerial actrobat. The sunbird may not know it is bringing joy, but it does, in much the same way that the turtle shell brings wisdom. The turtle didn't know when it crawled out of the swamp two thousand years ago that a Chinese philosopher would be watching, and from that turtle's shell pattern the philosopher would create the bagua which would influence Chinese philosophy and feng shui for so many centuries after. Although the turtle was the catalyst that worked for humanity on a grand scale, it was also just a creature that crawled out of a swamp at the right time to teach us. The sunbird is like that, it exists, and because it exists we smile and learn the simple joys of life, of sunshine and happiness, of family and friends, and of enjoying life in the moment.