Element: Earth

Characteristic: Hands

(the physical body)

Ask Spider for help

with creativity:

Let me accept that I create my own reality. Let me welcome the birth of a new life or new idea. Let me always spin truth rather than lies so I don’t get caught in my own web. Let me appreciate my own successes and not be envious of the success of others. I accept I may have to network over a long distance and to work hard to claim my rewards.

(c) This image of a spider was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Australian spiders include many that can harm humans such as the funnel-web, the white-tailed spider, mouse spider, black house spider and the infamous red-back (made famous in a song for always being found on toilet seats). Our country is also home to trapdoor, whistling, huntsman, lynx, jumping and wolf spiders. If this list of scary spiders native to Australia isn't enough to frighten you, Australia’s spider families also include some of the world’s largest spiders.

What all these spiders have in common is their creativity. A jumping spider jumps on her prey, some spiders in eucalypt forests weave a tiny net to drop on their victim while a golden orb-weaver spins a huge web in woodlands, a male funnel-web courts death when he courts a mate and a wolf spider employs a most unusual way of transporting her large family around by offering them a piggyback on her abdomen.

Now you can see just how creative the spider clan is, and you now have the chance to be just as creative. You too can be as creative as spider, spin a web and spin in a whole new life.

You can call in divine inspiration to spin the reality you want. But do be careful, when you work with spider you can spin illusion just as easily as truth; if you do spin illusion just be careful you don’t become entangled in your web of lies.

Spider also asks you if you are you focusing on the achievements of others, rather than on your own. Don’t become resentful of the success of the competition; if you look at your own creativity, you’ll find you have created everything you have in your life now.

Spider can also herald pregnancy, if not with a new human life then with the beginning a new promising opportunity for you. But like spider checking its web, you may have to work hard and network over a big area to claim your reward.