Element: Earth

Characteristic: Hands

(the physical body)


I will accept my full power and create magic. I will make changes at the rhythm that is right for me.

Ask Snake for help

with self reliance:

Let me accept my power to create magic and healing on a grand scale. May I make changes at the rhythm that is right for me. Let me be selective in my choice of friends. When I have outgrown a person or place, let me be ready to move on.

(c) This image of a snake was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Seven of the world’s 12 families of snakes live in Australia (although sometimes there seem to be a lot more) but only around 75 species of these are venomous. However, there are more than 30 species of deadly sea-snakes in Australian waters.

One of the most popular Australian snakes is the Diamond python. This snake isn’t venomous and has a green-black skin with pretty cream diamonds. This snake lives in trees but also hunts on the ground. It uses super-sensitive lips to find birds and small mammals by their body-heat. A female python can lay up to 50 eggs, coiling around them until they hatch much like the Celtic serpent that hatched the world.

Snakes are a symbol of magic and of healing; even the staff of Caduceus, our symbol for western medicine, features two twined snakes. Snakes remind us about life and death and the whole damned thing. They challenge us to look at the changes we need to make in our lives at a rhythm that’s right for us. Snakes encourage us to look at what needs to be healed and to look for and be ready to welcome life changes. You are being asked to leave behind your old outworn skin to move into what fits you now.

Like Snake, you also have a special sensitivity to your environment now. You’ll “taste the air” to fit in with what is necessary to your present environment. If your crowd is partying; you’ll party. If it is studying; you’ll become studious. At this time you need to choose your friends carefully and be selective about what influences you choose to accept in your life. Remember: with a fool no season spend, lest you be counted as a friend.

You do need to assert yourself to develop self-reliance. If you do, you will become more self-sufficient as you grow into your resplendent new skin.