Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Affirmation to focus: I will learn how to take life one gulp at a time, to stay focussed and alert. I will develop the ability to be single-minded to achieve my goals and to travel far and fast when I need to.

(c) This image of a shark was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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You'll find sharks in most Australian waterways - in the open seas, inshore, in estuaries and reefs and even in manmade canals. Different species live on rock, or sand, or mud bottoms. Near Australian seal colonies it is best for human swimmers not to wear a black wetsuit because it makes a human look too much like a seal which is a favourite food for sharks.

Whether you admire them or not, sharks are superbly well designed for their life, which is to hunt and to kill. Although you may need to be as versatile as a shark and use different strategies to reach your goals at this time, you specially need to keep your focus now to succeed.

Every shark, no matter what his environment, is totally focused on his task which is to find food. A shark is a well-designed predator that can smell one part of blood in one million parts of sea water. Sharks also feel little electrical signals given off by animal bodies. The closest thing to this shark-sense in human terms is intuition, and you can use your intuition now to help you find your focus.

Sharks remind us to take life one gulp at a time. If a task is too big, some sharks just take a big bite and then return after their prey has bled to death. At this time you may need to take life one bite at a time, just like a shark.

Sharks don't waste time being sociable. They don’t have friends; even in a shark feeding frenzy it’s every shark for himself.

Sharks never lose their focus but stay alert and attentive to their primary task which is to find food.

At this time in your life you need to be ready to focus on your objective and be single-minded in your approach to succeed.

You may need to travel fast and far to accomplish your current goal but if you keep your focus you will succeed.