Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)


I will be patient. I will accept that my time will come, in the right time. I will go with the flow now and see where life takes me. I will let go of hidden agendas.

(c) This image of a jellyfish was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Most beaches in Northern Australia close from October to May, because of the annual jelly threat when the water warms. Even stinger nets aren’t completely safe as one of the most deadly jellies is small enough to get through the mesh.

While jellies look like brainless blobs that just float with the current, these creatures know three days before a cyclone is likely to strike and head away from the seas and beaches where they could be stranded to shelter in protected estuaries. Once the cyclone has passed, the sea jellies come back again, to float with the tide. Now that shows better and smarter weather forecasting that anything we humans have yet devised.

The body of a sea jelly is actually a transparent dome and has a mouth surrounded by stinging tentacles under the bell body. The edge of the bell has organs that can sense light and the pulsing movements of the jelly steady the animal in the water, but the jelly mainly drifts along with the wind and the currents.

Like a sea jelly, you feel that you are drifting without purpose through life at the moment. If anyone gets in your way you’ll sting them, without caring for the result, but you don’t have a goal to aim for and you don’t really care much about anything. On the surface you are just drifting along without a worry in the world. Deep underneath, of course, you do care very much, and wish that you could find your purpose and get on with life. Be patient. Your time will come, but not yet.

Be aware also that you are transparent at this time. You will have trouble keeping secrets just as others will have trouble keeping secrets from you. There is just no such thing as a hidden agenda in a sea jelly’s world.

Now is a time for you to drift, to go with the flow and see where the ocean of life takes you.

Your real work will start soon enough