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April 30th

Today is Samhainn for many who live in the Southern hemisphere.

Although Samhainn is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere on October 31st, many here in the South choose to celebrate on April 30th just as winter begins to bite or at the first Full Moon of Scorpio if you prefer to celebrate lunar.

Tonight is Ancestor Night, the end which is the beginning, the Celtic New Year. The Crone rules and divination or communication with ancestors is appropriate at this time.

Tonight we mourn for what is gone then let go with joy knowing that we will meet again one day in the Summerlands.

Wishing all who celebrate this time a good Samhainn and a bright and blessed New Year full of joyful possibilities ….




In the Northern hemisphere, late apples are gathered in and stored and animals that are unlikely to make it through a harsh winter are slaughtered, so roast port and apple sauce are traditional fare at this time.

If you have lost someone you love and would like to perform a traditional mourning ceremony, the following was a chant used as you circled around a yew tree. If you can’t find a yew handy choose a tree of age and wisdom and walk around it, thinking of your loved one and saying goodbye as you chant:

This tree is great in age and girth

A symbol for both death and birth

Endings and beginnings it can spin

At Samhainn, when the veil is thin

Three times round its girth we tread

Releasing mourners from their dread

A knife to cut the spirit free

From bonds imposed by family

A bow to make the spirit fly

To resurrection bye and bye

A sprig for mourners all we take

To give them peace for their own sake

Rosemary and lavender