Look up to the skies and see ....  


SAILLE, or the Willow, is the tree of influence for those born between 15 April [an Giblean] and 12 May [an Ceitean].

The Willow tree is sacred to the Moon. People born in this time find that the Moon is also their planet of influence, and their Tarot equivalent is also the Moon. This triple Moon influence makes these people extremely intuitive, with an inner knowledge that is often beyond rational explanation.

The Element for these people is Water. Their rank is a Chieftain. Their personality opposites are Wise/Bitter. The traditional Zodiac association is Aries and Taurus. Their animal is the Hare, which symbolises adaptation and intuition.  Those people born in Willow must learn to trust their intuition or they can become capricious and irresolute.

This sign’s personality is both emotional and enigmatic. Willow people have excellent memories, and are both shrewd and practical. Their strong will can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness. They mellow this trait with resourcefulness, quick responses, sudden mood changes and endearing loyalty.

Willows often surprise even their closest friends with the brilliance of their extraordinary inventions.

Born under this sign you are an instinctive creature, reacting to gut responses rather than intellectual information.

Be careful of the rhythm of your moods and pay close attention to your dreams - they will help you navigate thru life.