Waning Gibbous Moon

November 2011


sun behind clouds

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A simple candle spell

to release negative energy


If you are holding anger or negative emotions, this ritual is one way to clear yourself.  Although it can be done at any time of the Moon, during the time of the Waning Moon (from the Full Moon to the Dark Moon) is particularly effective.  You’ll need a bowl deep enough to hold a candle and water, either glass so you can see through or with a wide enough neck that you can watch the candle burning. 

Choose your candle colour carefully; do you want red to symbolise deep emotion or anger; or grey to symbolise negativity could be appropriate. Think about what emotion you want to clear and what colour feels right to express this emotion, and choose accordingly.  If in doubt, I use white.  White is a good all rounder when you can’t choose, because white holds all the colours. 

Dress your candle with oil; I find lavender helps me in this ritual to remember and to relax into the ritual.  Sandalwood is also a good oil for this ritual, to help you open and focus.  Rub the oil from the wick to the base of the candle, to release. You may also carve into the candle symbols or words to remind you of what you want to release from your life. 

Fix the candle securely to the bottom of the bowl, fill the bowl with water, light the candle, and meditate on the negative energy you wish to give to the candle.  Feel the pain, feel the anger, let the rage build …. and give it all to the candle. 

Hold your focus until the candle burns down far enough so the water extinguishes the candle.  With the hiss of water extinguishing fire you know that you have released the pain and healed the hurt. 

Feel the release.  Know that the water has washed away your pain. Dispose of the candle and water thoughtfully, ie burying under earth.  Wash the bowl thoroughly.