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Please be aware that you don't need Second Degree in order to practice Reiki. You already have everything you need as a qualified Reiki practitioner with your First Degree. You can successfully run your own practice. If you have the courage, you will also have answered your own questions Who am I? and Why am I here? on your own personal journey.

If you feel that Second Degree is right for you now because you are experiencing both the secret methods of inviting happiness as well as the spiritual medicine for many illnesses, or even that you have been blessed by many little miracles that you are led to this point, then please read on.


Second Degree Reiki is an incredible, joyous, laughing, loving, extension of your Reiki energy. You will learn how to scan for imbalances, how to interpret energy flow, how to pass energy from one person to another across a room, across a continent, across a world … and you will still be amazed when it happens, because everyone who successfully completes their 2nd Degree is surprised by the power and magnificence of the energy available for their use.

In your 2nd Degree training, you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding that Reiki is an individual spiritual experience, especially the mind/body link.
  • Develop a greater knowledge of how Reiki energy can be used intuitively to sense and scan.
  • Consider the philosophical and metaphysical ramifications of intuitive work.
  • Learn and become proficient in the use of the three Reiki symbols.
  • Develop an understanding of the use of, and experience how energy can be focussed, using these symbols in group work.
  • Consider the philosophical and metaphysical ramifications of the increased power inherent in using these three symbols.
  • Be aware of your greater responsibilities as a Reiki practitioner.

I strongly recommend that you take your 2nd Degree training as part of a group because it’s just so much more fun sharing with like-minded people.

Bright blessings

About Second Degree

Discussing ethics at a Reiki Second Degree seminar


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