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Your introduction to Reiki in a First Degree workshop should be one of most exciting and exhilarating challenges you will experience in this lifetime.

You will discover that the healing energy you have probably already felt sometimes, perhaps during meditation or when you have been offering a crystal healing or a massage to another person, is more than a sporadic miracle that comes accidentally.

This healing energy that is the base of Reiki is there always, it is universal and always available, and you can learn how to call it every single time, wherever you are. This energy comes automatically when your energies are in tune with the Universe, when you are balanced in your spiritual, your emotional, your intellectual and your physical body. All you have to do is ask, and the energy will come for you.

Even better, you’ll discover that this marvellous energy is just a small part of the Journey that is available to you, though Reiki – because Reiki is more than calling and passing on energy. Reiki is a complete spiritual development system, that will help you to live the best life you can though Living the Reiki Principles.

In a Reiki First Degree workshop, you will:

  • Understand what Reiki is
  • Develop insights into Reiki and the spiritual base for the techniques
  • Learn how to call energy, any time, any where
  • Experience how energy can be passed on from one person to another or to other species, plants or machinery
  • Become proficient in the Usui 7-set meridian treatment, for yourself and for others
  • Develop a working knowledge of the Hayashi 12-set treatment, for yourself and for others
  • Become aware of other Reiki styles and schools, relevant Australian law and what is needed to set up your own practice and have the confidence, knowledge and ability to do so.

Whether you choose to learn individually or as part of a group, I recommend that you read through this website before participating in a workshop, so that you are aware and ready for the energy, the knowledge and the techniques you will learn.

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