Element: Earth

Characteristic: Hands

(the physical body)

Ask Rabbit for help with overcoming fear

Let me listen for the messages that come to me intuitively so I may step away from my fears to bring forth new life and new ideas.


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Rabbit is aware, sensitive, intuitive and lucky. Learn how to be quiet and tune in to your surroundings, listen to what is going on in the background and then trust your intuition to make the right choice. Rabbit is an Earth creature that has eyes that see in every direction and ears attuned to even the quietest rustle. Rabbit is constantly aware, constantly looking for danger and listening for predators. This awareness and inner voice can protect them, or if Rabbit allows fear to rule then fear can be Rabbit’s worst enemy. Instead of freezing with fear, learn to listen and to leap when it is the best time because your confident inner voice can guide you to where you need to be.

Have you taken opportunities that have been offered, or have you let life pass you by because you are afraid? What have you been worrying about lately? Has your mind been racing-car busy, worrying about what could happen? Now is the time to be quiet and still, to allow yourself time to hear what your mission is and what steps you can take to achieve your goals. Your inner voice will guide you and give you the confidence you need to act.

When you face your fears and step forward, you may just discover the brilliance that you are.

Rabbits are extremely fertile and are linked with the Celtic Goddess of Spring, Eostra and with Ostara (or Easter). They are associated with the moon in many cultures, including the Native American, Hindi and Chinese. Rabbits are a symbol of rebirth, sexuality and springtime. If the rabbit appears as a messenger to you now, perhaps it's because you are trying to conceive (babies or new ideas), and preparing to bring those forward into the world. If you allow your creativity to flow and tap into that and move quickly with opportunities, then you will surely see new life spring forward.

Rabbits are associated with:

  • Spontaneity
    Overcoming Fear
    Taking chances