Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Affirmation for living my dreams:

I will look honestly at my what-is's and may-be's to discern my own truth. I will trust my intuition to try new paths.

(c) This image of a platypus was created by Linda Karen Godden and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Platypus heralds a time of what-if’s and may-be’s, a time when anything is possible if you can imagine it. It is a time for you to lean into your intuition to find new ways and new paths to what you most want. Our Australian platypus was declared a fake by English scientists when specimens of flora and fauna from this strange new land to the south were sent back home to England.  Experts of the time declared no one animal could possibly have fur, webbed feet, and the bill of a duck as well as hatching from an egg but suckling milk from its mother!

Nevertheless, our Australian platypus lives on even though this reclusive creature is seldom seen. During the day the platypus rests in a riverbank burrow, emerging at dusk and dawn to feed and to socialise with other individuals.  Males have a venomous ankle spur to defend their mating territory. Although the platypus is an air-breather, it closes both eyes and nostrils when feeding on the river bottom where it finds food by combining touch and an electric sense, rather than by sight and smell. 

If platypus has swum into your life, you are indeed blessed because this unique creature is so rarely seen; when seen it is usually at dawn or dusk, the time of high magic when the veil between this world and the next lifts for a short time.  You are now able to see into a different world, a world of what-if’s and even may-be’s, a world where all dreams are possible.  You will be able to discern what your true path is by developing those senses you don’t normally rely on, just as the platypus trusts touch and electricity rather than sight and smell to find food.  Now is the time for you to lean in to your intuition, to trust, and to try a new path.  Just be prepared to defend your new knowledge as fiercely as the male platypus defends his territory, and also be ready to take some quiet time for yourself to allow yourself to rest when you need.