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Paint your Wheely





Purpose:                  To raise money for any good cause or NFP


Invite everyone living in the community to paint their wheely bin and by doing so, to compete for prizes. The entry fee is $10 per wheely bin and only green bins may enter. Bins will be disqualified if they carry any extraneous decoration that will prevent them being used for their primary purpose as a wheely bin, or which will make the task of emptying the bin difficult.

This idea would work particularly well in an area like Gympie in Queensland, where the local Council already paints artworks on visible water and waste stations.


A new theme for the Paint Your Wheely competition could be set every year to keep the competition current. For example, in Gympie the yearly themes could use the area’s attractions rotating through:

  • Year 1: Muster Music
  • Year 2: Heart of Gold
  • Year 3: Dolphins
  • Year 4: Take a little train ride
  • Year 5: Gold Rush



Only those bins that have been officially entered and paid their fee would be considered in the competition. Appoint a judging panel of local eminent people to judge the bins from photographs and according to predetermined criteria across a range of entry levels. The idea will be to award as many minor prizes in as many different categories as is possible, as well as a major prize. If the council sets up a web page for this event, locals can be invited to award a People’s Prize.


Approach local businesses to support Paint Your Wheely competition with donated prizes ranging from an everything-included family holiday to bbq’s and outdoor furniture, whitegoods, entertainment packages and once-weekly home-delivered family meals for a year


Council to organise the event, including publicity, collecting entries and entry fees, appointing a judging panel, sourcing prizes and distributing the monies raised either to local charities or to Council initiatives that will benefit the community.

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