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You may have all the information to hand that your target market will ever need to know, but unless you present that information in an interesting, desirable and easy to understand format, you will not encourage your target market to take action.

Yet creating professional publications is easy, once you know how. A professional copywriter can collect, collate and communicate your message effectively, once they learn enough about your business to write your story, the way you would like to write it yourself.

Your best investment in your professional publication could be hiring a professional writer, whether you need to explain your company to a new employee as part of an induction package, encourage your franchisees to actively promote your mutual business interests, create a self-promotion publication to generate new business, or write yourself a resume that works.

Whatever your publishing project is, we can help.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I have spent the last 30 years working for myself in the Engineering industry - Politics and the last six years plus in Hospitality.

After selling these businesses I decided to have a complete career change. The need arose for me to put together a professional resume that would clearly inform potential employers of my capabilities.

I approached Sue Bagust at Ideas unlimited and asked her advice. The rest is history. The resume was all I hoped for and more and enabled me to change careers and enter the exciting world of Newspapers as an advertising executive with the Blackwater Herald.

Sue then went on to put together two of my sons' resumes and the quality of their resumes enabled them to secure extremely well paid jobs in the coal industry and we all know that it is not easy to enter this particular industry as the larger companies have applicants both Australia and world-wide.

Ideas unlimited certainly lives up to the entire name.

Marg Davey

Advertising Executive