Look up to the skies and see ....  


January 20th – February 18th

The Australian possum shares the same stars as the constellation of Cassiopeia. This constellation is at the edge of the Milky Way and is shaped like a W. It is associated with the Perseus constellation. Although many Australian mammals are shy or rare, the possum doesn’t suffer from these personality problems. Most will accept food from your hand and will happily share your space with you if you keep them happy. Be aware that most possum people are nocturnal and prefer night to day, like their animal totem. Possum people also don’t realise how noisy they can be at night, as possums are active when you are quiet, and they don’t believe in walking softly either. A real possum crossing a tin roof on a still night can sound like a hefty soldier running in army boots.

Possum is like a professional soldier in other ways too. Possums are quick thinking individuals who use strategy to enhance their lifestyle. Possum people can think on their feet to deal with the unexpected and have the natural wisdom or intuition to deal with dangerous or disagreeable situations or people. If the situation is dangerous, these people can play possum easily and just not be noticed. Possum people are great at educating others about how they expect to be treated and use strategy and natural cleverness to encourage others to offer them exactly what they wanted in the first place. But if you are too slow in offering what possum people want, be prepared for a squabble because possums can argue fiercely for what they see as belonging to them.

Possum people are very independent in their views, and will defend them vigorously, even though they are also gentle, imaginative and intuitive about most things.