Look up to the skies and see ....  


June 21 – July 22


The stars for Platypus can be found in the two constellations of Ursa Minor and Draco. Platypus people are as unusual as their totem animal, which was so unusual to be thought a fake when the first specimens of platypus arrived in England. At that time no-one believed that an animal could possibly have fur, webbed feet and the bill of a duck. Nevertheless, the platypus exists, and is one of the two living members of the Prototheria, subclass Monotremata, in Australia.


Australia is the only continent with representatives of the three subclasses of living mammals, and being a monotreme just means that the baby platypus hatches from an egg but suckles milk from its mother. People born to this sign are as unusual as their animal symbol. They make excellent parents, protective when the child is young but tough enough to be able to equip their offspring with all the skills needed for success in the adult world.


The platypus is reclusive and is seldom seen except when resting on the water surface.  People born to this sign can be reclusive as well, and so sensitive that sometimes it is difficult to talk to them without hurting their feelings. The platypus locates food through a combination of touch and an electric sense, rather than the expected sight and smell of most feeding animals. This sense could be compared to the high levels of intuition found in Platypus people, especially those born in the middle towards the end of the month of June. These people can dream truth when they see into a different world, a world of what-if’s and even may-be’s, a world where all dreams are possible. 


Platypus people can discern what their true path is by using those senses you don’t normally rely on, as the platypus trusts touch and electricity rather than sight and smell to find food.


Platypus people have a strong sense of self and are usually ready to defend their beliefs and their territory, just as a male platypus is ready to defend his territory fiercely using the venomous spur on his ankle. Although you can be quite sociable with your family and those you trust you will need, like your totem animal, to take some quiet time for yourself, to allow yourself to rest when you need time out to think through your plans.




PLATYPUS (c) Linda Karen Godden created this original art and retains copyright. Please do not copy without Linda's permission.