Look up to the skies and see ....  


NGETAL, the Reed, is the symbol for people born between 28 October [an Damhair] and 24 November [an t-Samhainn].  Those born in Reed must unite a sense of purpose with their strong will or they can become self-destructive.  Their personality opposites are Adaptable/Indecisive. 

Reed people are proud, surprisingly independent and will rarely compromise.  Their complex personality traits include tenacity and fearlessness, and they can show great strength of character.  They have an innate belief in their own destiny, and enjoy meeting challenges.

The tarot equivalent for this time is the Wheel of Fortune.  The traditional Zodiac association is Scorpio and Sagittarius.  The Element is Air.  The planet of influence is Pluto. The animal symbol for Reed is dog. 

The dog, or hound, is one of the Celt’s totem animals; a blend of loyal servant, guardian of the house and fierce battle companion.  Hound was a title of honour for Celtic chieftains as the dog symbolised enduring loyalty.  In the Gaelic the word for dog is “cu”, and name of the greatest hero of Ulster, Cuchulain, actually means hound of Culain or hound of the king

The hound is particularly sacred to the Triple Goddess of the Celts, for the hound is the animal chosen to guard her Mysteries.  For this reason, dogs are often featured on Celtic knotwork.  

If you are bBorn under this sign you have secret strengths, as well as secret motivations. Use your detective abilities wisely.