New Moon

October 2011



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The Art of Timing:

The New Moon


The Dark Moon doorway is open until the first sliver of New Moon has appeared in the sky, the start of the Waxing Moon, or the time of the Light Maiden.  This is a beneficial time to cleanse your home and your environment, to release spent energy and welcome the new.  This is also an extremely powerful time, but for humans it is also a very beneficial time to work magic.  Cass Carter in her book Everyday Magic says this is traditionally a very lucky time, a time to turn over the money in your pocket and say to the Moon: Lady Moon, New Moon, Send me silver to my need. 


This is a good time for rituals for increase, for abundance, especially if they involve money, like Louise Huebner’s Fast Money Spell where you stand outside your front door to throw brand new coins into your home, while chanting Money on the floor, Money through the door. This ritual demonstrates to the Universe that you trust Her enough to throw money away, and also that like attracts like (which is why you must use new money).  Unfortunately, you’re supposed to leave the money lying on the floor until the next New Moon, which means don’t vacuum it up when you clean, and you also have to warn everyone who comes to your home to leave the money alone.

A lovely Highland greeting to the New Moon is:

When I see the new Moon

It becomes me to lift mine eye

It becomes me to bend my knee

It becomes me to bow my head

Giving thee praise, thou Moon of guidance

That I have seen thee again

That I have seen the new Moon

The lovely guide of the way.

The New Moon is a grand time to begin new projects, make life changes for the better, and initiate creative works. You can also find your true love by the New Moon: pick some yarrow at the time of the New Moon, put it under your pillow and say before you go to sleep:

Good night, fair yarrow

Thrice good night to thee

I hope before tomorrow’s dawn

My true love I shall see

New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings

I’ve found with this ritual that if you wish for more than one thing, but no more than ten, the ritual works extremely well.  Also, this ritual works when you ask for yourself, but not for others.  Perhaps this is because you could be impinging on their free will. I also tailor what I ask for, depending on which full moon it is, for example, a New Moon in Cancer is a good time to clear family issues; a New Moon in Leo is a good time to ask for those aspects of fame and fortune that will most benefit you. All you have to do is fill in a shopping list inserting your wish between the words ‘I wish to easily find myself’ and the words ‘starting now’.  Then you can either put your list up on the fridge or a prominent place to remind you, or put your list away for a month, knowing that the Universe is already providing those items on your list that are for your greatest benefit.

I wish to easily find myself (insert wish) starting now.

And a happy New Moon to you ….