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The Art of Timing:

Making moonwater

Moonwater is the name I gave to the water that I have used to cleanse crystals which felt so energised that it was a shame to throw it away. At first I used it on my ailing houseplants which all thrived. Then I noticed that my pets liked drinking it, so I reserved some for them. Next I started using moonwater in my energy sprays and found that water that has been left with crystals in the light of the full moon does add an extra oomph to my potions.

When I really started experimenting I found that if I chose the crystals whose energy I most wanted to imbue in my moonwater and separated them from the normal “all in together” crystal bath, that my potions gained even more oomph.

If you want to try this, first choose a crystal that works best for you and your purpose. My bedroom cleansing spray to encourage a peaceful night's sleep is lavender, made with amethyst moonwater. To encourage prosperity, my luck spray is orangewater, made with citrine moonwater. For general purpose house spiritual cleaning, my energy spray is usually a tranquil combination of rosemary and lavender essential oils, mixed with either rose quartz or clear quartz moonwater. Rose essential oil is expensive, but a drop of love or peace to any potion is usually effacious. Think about what you want to achieve and the properties of the crystals you are cleansing by the Full Moon to make the moonwater that is appropriate for your purpose.

I usually have some clear quartz moonwater on hand as a good general allrounder that will add oomph to any potion. When you are finished a side-benefit is that the crystal is cleansed and ready to go back to work with you however you normally use it, and you have a supply of moonwater in which you cleansed your crystal. I store my moonwater in glass jars in a dark place, until I am ready to use them.

This works for me and I hope it works for you too. Shared with love and bright blessings.


Some posible combinations for your consideration:


Good Luck