Full Moon

11 November 2011


To use lunar energy just use your common sense: when the moon is growing, work for growth. When the moon is waning, work to decrease.

  • To draw something to you or to increase, work any time from the new moon to the full moonn.
  • To send something away from you or to decrease, work anytime after the full moon to the dark moon.


sun behind clouds

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The Moon and Sunsigns energies



Aries is the sign of the pioneer so start those new projects you've been planning. An energetic Aries moon helps energy and ideas to flow. Aries energy is good for leadership, willpower, spiritual conversations, development of strength and courage, work related to job ventures and all projects related to money. An Aries moon is too sharp for divination, but is good energy to buy, cleanse, or bless any magical tool with a blade.


Taurus is the sign of the builder. Work for love or prosperity as this energy is about love, creativity and inner peace as well as money and material things. This is also a good time to work to protect your possessions from damage or theft, or to learn new habits for self-improvement. Work done on a dependable Taurus moon may take a long time to manifest, but the results are like Taurus: stable and last for a long time. Taurus is excellent for creativity or anything concerning the arts, i.e. submitting ideas and manuscripts, attending auditions, or calling for success for artistic performances.


Gemini is the sign of the thinker. This energy is good for communication, writing, solving travel issues, divination and prophecy, wishing spells, gambling luck, work for a good result from manuscripts or articles or to increase web traffic. Take especial care with concentration because energy in a Gemini moon can be unpredictable and unstable.


Cancer is the sign of the homemaker. A Cancer moon is an excellent time for kitchen and garden witchery, also for divination. Good time to purify and protect the home, to calm emotional turmoil, heal pain from past wrongs in family relations. Focus on issues regarding your home, domestic life and emotional support networks to make use of Cancer’s nurturing energy.


Leo is the sign of the leader so this time is good to focus on "centre stage" issues: prosperity, fame, career, courage, showmanship, physical talents such as acting and increasing your personal leadership qualities.


Virgo is the sign of the meticulous worker so this time is good to start that self-improvement project or for any work to do with the intellect, employment, education, healing, stability or anything that needs exact attention to detail. This is a good time to purchase, make, cleanse, consecrate or dedicate any ritual tools and altars, and also to purify and cleanse your home. As this is a good time to organize your environment, it is an excellent time for improvement like Feng Shui projects.


Libra is the sign of the diplomat so work for emotional balance or justice. The energy of balanced Libra is an excellent time to work a spell with a partner, or to do magic concerning marriage, couples, contractual partnerships, legal matters, peace and fairness. Onyx is a good stone to work with to develop emotional balance while fluorite helps balance and stabilize relationships.


Scorpio is the sign of the passionate extremist (really???). Work on issues of transformation and desire, or on making real changes in your life. A waxing Scorpio moon offers intense energy for spells to increase courage and spells of transformation as well as spells related to death, rebirth and inheritance, human fertility and passion.


Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher. Work on finding your truth. It’s a good time for dealing with legal matters, publishing or for long-distance travel, work to support your studies, etc. also any sort of religious activity, connection to higher purpose, or divination. If you are involved in legal tangles or mediation and seek damages, you could consider using a money-drawing spell to cause the courts to be generous or a spell asking for fair play.


Capricorn is the sign of the achiever so work on your career, politics or public recognition. Capricorn's warrior energy is good for any spells related to male fertility, fatherhood or your relationship with your father as well as offering support for all business and career ventures, especially moving up the ladder. Get organized during this time to find success.


Aquarius is the sign of the reformer. Revolutionary Aquarius works for freedom, creative expression or problem-solving. Instead of doing magic only for yourself, the collective energy of Aquarius is good to focus on any groups or organizations you belong to or wish to influence or support. It's also a good time to do dream work, attract friends or new members to a group, strengthen friendships and group ties, reveal or uncover mysteries or secrets or work to ensure that they stay hidden.


Pisces is the sign of the dreamer so this time is good for work to do with personal development and expanding your boundaries. The Moon in compassionate Pisces is perfect for divination and psychic work, past life regression, healing, dreams, clairvoyance and telepathy. Be gentle with yourself and with others, Pisces energy needs nurturing.