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Albert Julius MAROSKE (1852-1936)



Heinrich Christian Godhardt MAROSKE (1880-1959)


Otto Rudolf Albert Gotthold MAROSKE (1883-1924)


Alma Johanna Martha KLIBBE

(nee Maroske) (1887-1966)

Adeline Renata Louise GEE

(nee Maroske) (1890


Johannes Julius Gotthart MAROSKE



Olga Amanda FROHLOFF

(nee Maroske)(1895-1980)


Matilda Heimentie SIPPEL

(nee Maroske 1897-1964)


Victor Herman Gottschalk MAROSKE

(1900 - 1975)



Augusta Amelia BLECK

(nee Maroske)



Hermine Wilhelmine GNECH

(nee Maroske) (1858)


My sincere thanks to Roy Maroske of Gympie, who provided the original information used as a base for this website which is created as a memorial for my mother, Edna Maria Maroske. I hope she would have liked this tribute created for her and for her family and if you are also part of the Maroske clan, I also hope that this site is useful to you in working out your family relationships.

If you have any updated information about your family or any photos that you would like included, please email me. I'll be happy to update your branch of the family tree as soon as I can.


Sue Bagust

daughter of Edna Maroske and Douglas Smith

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Edna Maria Maroske

November 1938