Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (the intellect)


I will accept reality, recognize truth and not let fear lead me into fighting without just cause. I will recognise and make use of every opportunity and accept knowledge from every source.

(c) This image of a magpie was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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The melodious magpie is heard all over Australia and is a sociable bird, except in the nesting season. If you see Australians in a suburban street wearing a ridiculous variety of headgear or even carrying open umbrellas on a dry day, you can be sure there are a nesting pair of magpies busy protecting their territory ready to swoop and attack passers-by.

Magpie asks you to do a reality check on your current situation. Are you really being threatened by everyone who passes you, or are you attacking without cause? Attacking those who don’t mean you any harm can actually start a war.

Magpie then reminds us to make use of every opportunity. Magpies are collectors who build an untidy bowl of twigs and whatever else is available as a nest. Sometimes they even use wire, but line their nest with grasses and other soft material. The second knowledge shared by Magpie is that of collecting; are you collecting “stuff” that you don’t really need. Perhaps you are trying to fill an empty place in your heart with material things you don’t really need and won’t use.

Magpies are social, cheerful but always opportunistic. Young magpies often befriend humans as an easy food supply. Magpie doesn’t really mind where the food comes from so long as magpie doesn’t go hungry.

Magpies make use of whatever they can find; they encourage you not to wait for complete knowledge before you take action but to act on what you now know.

Magpies represent messages, or divination of any kind. When magpie is around, you should be ready to accept knowledge from any source. These are very intelligent, adaptable and social birds who encourage you to make use of every opportunity that comes your way and to make use of what is to hand to reach your goal.