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Mabon or Autumn Equinox or Alban Elved is a time of balance. This is a time to rest after labour, celebrate completion of harvest, give thanks, take stock and to repair damage done to you or to your relationships with others.

The traditional Celtic Songs of Cycle give Aileach as the Englyn for Autumn, known today as Londonderry Air or more popularly as Danny Boy.

This is a celebration of the balance of light and dark; a time of rest after labour, the completion of the harvest, a thanks-giving.  This is also a good time for work that is beneficial to the Universe. 

This is the time when you bring a thank-offering to burn in the cauldron.  Your offering symbolises for you that which you no longer need in your life.


Mabon is the last festival in the Celtic year, which begins again at Samhainn. Days and nights are of equal length but the year is moving towards winer. This is the last gathering of the harvest so for celebration food think pumpkin soups, warming curries and Celebration Rice.

This is our time to say farewell

To what we no longer hold dear

Look within to find ourselves

Seek out what needs repair

Balance our self and take stock

In the Autumn of our year