These photos of the Linning and Maroske families were taken on Boxing Day 1938 and kindly supplied by Allen Linning. Any help with identification will be greatly appreciated.

From left: Christina Linning, Bill Linning, Gladys Maroske, Edna Maroske, front Olga and Lyle Linning. Olga Linning passed away 26 December 2016.


Back: Viv Linning, Harry Maroske (second from right)

Kneeling: ? Gladys Maroske : Edna Maroske ? ?

Sitting: Kate Maroske : Christina Linning with Bill Linning on her lap and daughters Lyle and Olga

Harry Maroske


Standing: Olive Maroske ? Kate Maroske, Christina Linning

Kneeling: Gladys Maroske, Edna Maroske

Cec Linning and Edna Maroske

Cec Linning with Retschlag cousins?

Unknown with Edna Maroske?