Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (the intellect)

Ask Kookaburra for help

to accept abundance:

Help me to lighten my vibration through laughter, knowing that I will call abundance to me. Let me be alert to every opportunity and to lighten up and laugh to welcome the good news that is coming.

(c) This image of a kookaburra was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Kookaburras are very aware birds; like all of the kingfisher family they sit patiently watching until it is the right time to strike. Kookaburras are a bold bird who feed mainly on reptiles and small animals, but have been known to pilfer chips from kiosk customers and even the odd sausage from a bbq, if they can get away with it.

They generally nest in small groups in tree hollows or in a tunnel dug into a termite mound and are very family-oriented birds.

Laughter belongs to kookaburra and reminds you about the power of laughter to defuse or even to heal any situation. When you laugh at life, you lighten the situation and your own vibration and can even call abundance to you by lightening up.

Kookaburras always bring good news. Sometimes a kookaburra has been known to sing a baby to a woman who seeks fertility or to sing luck to those he favours with his song.

Did you know that a kookaburra, singing on your back fence, is singing luck your way?

You can even call kookaburra luck to you when you feed a kookaburra. If the bird accepts your gift, and laughs for you, he blesses you with good luck in appreciation for your gift. I once shared my schnitzel with a kookaburra at an outdoor restaurant and went on to win a large amount of money that night. I still reckon I only won because the kookaburra that shared my meal sat sideways at my feet so he could maintain eye contact, very aware of what he was doing, to bless me with his full song when he finished eating his share of our meal.

If you hear a kookaburra this is a promise of abundance, of new opportunities, of healing, prosperity and even love about to open for you. Don’t forget that your laughter can call remarkable opportunities to you. Be bold, patient and watchful, but don’t forget to laugh.