Element: Earth

Characteristic: Hands

(the physical body)

Ask Kangaroo for help

with accepting responsibility:

Help me to conserve my resources and to use them wisely. Let me only allow what I need into my life, and to use my own unique gifts to get where I want to go. Accept that when I do move, it will be powerfully with great leaps.

(c) This image of a kangaroo was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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The big red kangaroo is Australia’s largest marsupial and the best-known of our kangaroos even though only the male is red; the smaller female is blue-grey. Both have black and white patches beside their muzzle, big, muscular hindlegs and very strong tails which they use for balance.

Kangaroos conserve energy and adapt well to changing conditions. The mob, led by a dominant male, will rest during the heat of the day and graze at night, when it is cooler.

When their grazing in the plains and open woodlands is affected by drought, the mob will choose not to breed. Even pouch young may die, so as not to produce too many kangaroos for the available feed. When the rains come and green feed is available, the breeding cycle will begin again.

Kangaroos can teach us a lot about conservation. You are being asked to look at what you really need in the current situation. Are you using too much, or allocating too many resources into one area?

Think about what you really need, and conserve your resources and your energy until you need it. Kangaroo reminds us of the responsibilities in our life that we have accepted. Also, just as kangaroos control their population and only allow joeys to come to birth when the time and the environment are right, now you can choose what you will allow in your life, and when. Kangaroo reminds you that everything in your life is there by your choice.

Kangaroos also use an unusual method of getting from one place to another. When they move fast, kangaroos rise onto their hindlegs and hop. You too, can use your own unique gifts to get you where you want to go.

One thing that you can be sure of with kangaroo magic is that once things start to move for you, it will be fast and by leaps and bounds.

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