Look up to the skies and see ....  


July 23 – August 22


Koala shares the same stars as Ursa Major, a constellation dominated by the Big Dipper which points towards the north and is honoured in myth and legend by many cultures through the world. People born to Koala are romantic and emotional, with a vivid imagination and are meticulous in all undertakings.


Koalas are attractive animals with broad teddy-bear faces and sturdy bodies covered with waterproof fur, and people born to this sign are often also sturdily attractive. Koalas can be quite solitary animals and spend a lot of their day relaxing, if not actually sleeping, conserving their energy. Although koalas will fight over territory or for a mate, usually they only get aroused enough for a battle if you disturb them when they are dreaming their private dreams of glory when they will bite, scratch, and even urinate over you until you stop invading their territory and leave them be, to scamper up their tree to peacefully dream their private dreams again.


Koala people are rulers of their own world and are so sure of their territory that they don’t need to fuss and get agitated to get attention. They are sure and meticulous in pursuit of their goals. Koala knows that everything you need to know is already known to you. All you have to do is take the time, away from the crowd, to look, to listen, and to go within to find your own truth. You need solitude to connect with your reality.


Koala knows how to claim territory and dream your own dreams, and not those of other people. Once Koala people know what they want, they can handle heavy responsibilities easily and be pioneers exploring new fields. They can be vain and proud, but usually Koala people do have a lot they can be vain about because the typical Koala is clever, resourceful, farsighted and imaginative. They just don’t play nicely with the other kiddies, if the other kiddies are annoying or don’t meet Koala’s high standard.