Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Ask Jabiru for help

in your search for wisdom:

Help me in my search for wisdom, even if Ihave to travel a long distance spiritually, emotionally or physically. Let me get back to basics and to connect again with my home and family. Let me remember what gave me greatest joy as a child, so I may remember my path to achieve my true heart’s desire now.


(c) This image of a jabiru was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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The Jabiru, or black-necked stork, is a very large black and white stork with a magnificent iridescent neck. Like all storks, the Jabiru are very caring and protective parents and are staunch guardians of their young. However, apart from the nesting time, the Jabiru is a nomad.

The Jabiru promises you wisdom if you are willing to travel long distances to follow your quest. Although this long journey can be emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual, it’s more likely to be an emotional journey because of the bird’s connection to water.

Jabiru can help you to understand your emotional needs, especially your basic needs. Do you need to get back to the basics in your life? 

As an example: are you truly living the life you meant to live?

Or have you adopted someone else’s dreams, rather than live your own? This is so easy to do, especially if you are a sensitive child who likes to please. The more successful you are, the harder it becomes to remember your own dream.

Can you truly remember what it is that makes your heart sing?

You may have lost touch with your family, and Jabiru is asking you to connect again with home and family. You may need to go back home, emotionally if not physically, to find your truth.

The Jabiru doesn’t have a strong voice and uses body language to communicate effectively.

You may find that your voice isn’t strong at this time and that you need to communicate on other levels than with speech; you may need to develop powerful body language, like the Jabiru, to get your message across and to be noticed now.