Look up to the skies and see ....  


HUATHA, The Hawthorn Tree, governs those born between 13 May [an Ceitean] and 9 June [an t-Ogmios].  The Personality for this sign is that of a naturally charming, articulate and gifted player of the game of life.

Hawthorn people are confident and creative. They are mercurial innovators who become easily bored when they don’t achieve the stimulation and challenge they seek as quickly as they desire.

The Element for Hawthorn people is Fire. Their personality opposites are Passionate/Ruthless. The Tarot equivalent for this sign is Judgement. Traditional Zodiac Associations are Taurus and Gemini. The Planet of Influence is Vulcan. Their animal symbol is Owl which reminds Hawthorn people of their special need to cultivate wisdom and patience. This virtue is so necessary to Hawthorns because their tendency to act impetuously without thinking can ruin their best ideas.

If born under this sign you have an innate understanding of the importance of process and the necessity for change.