Look up to the skies and see ....  


GORT (Ivy) - Persephone is the planet of influence for Gort which governs people born between 30 September [an t-Suiltainn] and 27 October. 

Their personality opposites are Ambitious /Lazy. The animal symbol for these people is butterfly.  The butterfly symbolises Faerie faith, and reminds those born in this time to live their own lives and not to become too touched by the problems of others.  Ivy people can become very disappointed and disillusioned by their friends, when their expectations are not met.

Ivy people are always in motion, like their symbol the butterfly.  They dislike antagonising other people, and are extremely sociable and happy creatures.  Their intrinsic good nature helps them to make friends easily. 

Even though they can be cautious and deliberate over decisions, they are not weak and take on big responsibilities with cheerful optimism. The traditional Zodiac association is Libra and Scorpio.  The tarot equivalent is Justice.  The Element for Ivy people is Earth.

Born under this sign your abilities further your personal goals and your personal causes. Be sure to use this talent productively.