Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (your intellect)


Help me break free of old childhood restraints to move into my full power as a responsible adult. Let my imagination soar so that I may express my full creativity and productive power.


How the birds got their colours

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The Celtic goose is a symbol of vigilance, parenthood and productive power. Goose may indicate that you are ready to take on the responsibility of a family or of committing yourself to a long-term partnership or project. From this safe foundation you can nurture your creativity and productive power. The goose shows us that it is possible to be strongly attached to family and a good parent, while flying high from one continent to another and that it is possible to be both grounded and spiritual in our daily lives.


Geese are aggressive defenders of their family and their territory and are powerful guardians. A stone goose was found in Provence guarding war deities while in Brittany a Celtic war helmet features a goose in threatening posture. We still talk about a wild goose chase when we mean something that is almost impossible to capture.


Geese mate for life and are symbols of fidelity as well as of erotic power to the Celts, as geese can become quite preoccupied during the mating season. An Egyptian creation myth says the Nile goose laid the Cosmic Egg which hatched the god Amon, and the bird was also connected with Isis, Osiris, Horus and Set. In Greece, goose symbolized love and happy marriage, an emblem of Hera but also associated with Apollo, Hermes, Ares and Eros. In the East the goose brings good news and is an emblem of inspiration, seasonal change, light and married happiness.


DJ Conway gives this bird’s magical attributes as: new beginnings, wisdom, inspiration, happiness, happy marriage and children.


The goose feather was used as a pen for centuries, so goose has become a totem for story-tellers and writers, stimulating imagination and helping you move through creative blocks. Goose can herald the time when you are to break free of old childhood restraints and come into your own power. Goose honks to stir your imagination to new places or new ideas, to let your creativity soar.

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