Look up to the skies and see ....  


FEARN, The Alder Tree, is the Celtic sign for those born between 18 March [am Mart] and 14 April [an Giblean]. 

While Fearn is the Gaelic word for the Alder tree, it can also mean a shield offering protection against negative emotions. 

Alder was widely used for making milk pails to protect the milk from souring.  It is also one of the nine sacred woods used to kindle the Beltaine fire, although it is a poor fuel tree giving off little more than smouldering smoke.  However, it does give one of the finest grades of charcoal.

The personality for those born in Fearn is that of courage, energy and impetuosity.  Self-reliant Fearns make their own way in the world, love taking risks and work stubbornly.  They make many loyal friends through their affectionate and charming nature.

The Element for Fearn is Fire.  Their rank is Chieftain.  Personality opposites for Fearn people are Ambitious/Impulsive. The Tarot equivalent of this sign is Strength, and the traditional Zodiac associations are Pisces and Aries.  The planet of influence is Mars. 

The Deity for this sign is Bran the Blessed, the God of the Spirit World. The animal for Fearn is Fox, which symbolises skill in diplomacy. 

Born under this sign, you have tremendous courage and power to win in disputes. This art is more necessary for Fearn people than others because those born in Fearn may waste energy trying to win unwinnable disputes.