Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (the intellect)

Ask Emu for help

to honour uniqueness:

Help me to honour my own strengths and to respect the belief systems held by others. Keep me from being flighty when I need to keep my feet on the ground.

(c) This image of an emu was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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The emu is a large flightless bird natural to Australia. The male emu incubates the 6-12 dark green eggs and the young birds stay with their father for up to 18 months – so when you see a large adult emu followed by chicks, you’re watching the children following Daddy rather than Mummy because Mummy left ages ago on secret women’s business. Emu challenges our common human beliefs that the mother is the natural caregiver of the young for every species.

Emu asks if you are you looking clearly at what’s happening, or are you sifting your experiences through your own belief system?  You may be seeing the current situation inappropriately by assuming that the large adult with the chicks is a female – and you may be doing this with every new situation you encounter. You may need to look at the world differently, to know the truth and to react appropriately so that you are not fooled by your own core beliefs.

Emu asks you to become grounded; not to be flighty when the situation doesn’t need it. Perhaps you need to bring the situation back to earth rather than being up in the air or intellectualising everything.

Emu also asks you to evaluate your own strengths honestly. Although the emu is a very big bird, it can’t fly. Don’t listen to those people who tell you that you have to do things their way, because it’s the right way. If you pay too much attention to others you may not use your natural advantages to best advantage in the current situation.

You can run fast enough to grab every opportunity offered to you or even outrun most of your current problems. Your legs are so powerful, even If you are cornered you can usually kick your way out rather than having to take flight. This very, very powerful bird helps you to recognise and use your own particular strengths.